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Nail Diva
Nail Diva
Nail Diva
Nail Diva
Nail Diva
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Nail Diva

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Patented, Nail Diva allows women and men to have salon quality nails at home by eliminating the most common nail painting mistakes. For example, the pesky nail polish smudges or chipped nail polish (the worst!).

Design Features:

  • It's cute and compact, only 1 inch cubed!
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Tested for durability against nail polish remover solutions (aka. it won't melt!)
  • Ergonomically designed for nail polish removal
  • It allows for ease of control, even pressure application, and easy storage
  • Mess-free, easy to use, and clean
  • Hinge feature allows for ease of grasping
  • Can be used with any material not just a cotton ball!

Pro Tip: It's great for toenail polish removal, cleaning your stamping plates and nail art supplies, and wiping away nail polish spills. 

A portion of each sale goes towards the Cybersmile Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to digital wellbeing and tackling all forms of bullying and abuse online.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Deidre Peterson

The Nail Diva is the best nail tool EVER! I'm able to remove polish without messing up any nails plus it's great for cleaning stamping plates. It sits upright so no smudges when picking it up. This is one purchase I'm glad I made.

Karen James
So easy to use!

Received my order and I love it. So easy to use when fixing one little mishap.

D Stephens

When I saw these I thought they were awesome! and they are! I do my nails all the time and this is a big help when removing AND when cleaning up around the cuticles! (holds cotton balls and other things - especially for arthritic fingers! GREAT for toenail polish removal!

Elizabeth Bell

Awesome 🤩

I use it all the time!

So handy for taking off toe polish without ruining my finger nails! Also great for fixing a mistake or smudge without ruining the rest of my freshly painted nails. I never knew how much I needed this tool!