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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the Nail Diva?

Nail Diva is only one (1) inch cubed!

It's cute and compact, perfect to store, and designed to allow for optimal pressure application.

Can Nail Diva be used with any material?

Yes! You can use whatever you usually use to remove nail polish from your nails ie, cotton ball, tissue, cotton pad etc.


Has Nail Diva been tested against acetone and other nail polish remover solutions?

It sure has! It won’t breakdown or deteriorate with continual use.

Is Nail Diva vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes it is!


Can I use Nail Diva to remove my toenail polish?

Of course! It can be used to remove nail polish from your fingernails, toenails, nail stamping plates, or anything else you may have gotten nail polish on.

Is Nail Diva a useful tool for nail technicians?

Absolutely! Use Nail Diva to remove your clients nail polish and keep your perfectly painted fingernails flawless.

Why not use a clothes pin or chip clip?

The same reason why you wouldn't use either as a hair clip. Nail Diva was ergonomically designed for optimal nail polish removal.

Check out our Design Features page for more detail.