Nail Diva is the nail industry rebel. A new product that is shaking things up.  Instead of painting over smudged nails or using random hacks, Nail Diva delivers that perfect nail salon look, at home. Ergonomically designed and patented, Nail Diva eliminates the stress of messing up your manicure or pedicure. 


Daniella Quagliara, Nail Diva Founder

Nail Diva was founded in 2019 by Daniella Quagliara, a nail-obsessed diva who’s as excited about being a Nail Diva as you are!

Daniella is a young, driven, passionate entrepreneur that takes pride in painting her own nails.
She knew there was a need for a product in the beauty industry when countless women would tell her how frustrated they'd get when painting their own nails. They'd always seem to make a mistake and could never make them look as nice as the others.
After some well thought-out market research, Daniella’s idea was validated and Nail Diva was born!