Let's face it, we all make mistakes.

Nail Diva nail polish remover tool

What does it do?

Ergonomically designed for nail polish removal.

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Nail Diva nail polish remover tool


Nail Diva nail polish remover tool

Step 1

Place your index finger and thumb on the centre of each side of the Nail Diva and grab your preferred nail polish remover material like a cotton ball or tissue.

Nail Diva nail polish remover tool

Step 2

Apply nail polish remover to the material.

Nail Diva nail polish remover tool

Step 3

Remove the damaged nail polish and repaint!


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5-Star Reviews

Nail Diva is Revolutionary! It's so simple to use and solves all my manicure problems!


Mind blown! I so needed this tool. I use my Nail Diva every time I paint my nails and it's perfect for cleaning stamping plates!


Nail Diva is a life saver! I love mine. It has the perfect ergonomic shape that makes it so comfortable to use.


This is Genius! I love being able to fix one nail and not ruin the others with acetone or nail polish remover. Thank you for the great customer service.


Where has Nail Diva been all my life?!? The mailer packaging is so cute too.


I use it all the time! So handy for taking off toe polish without ruining my finger nails! Also great for fixing a mistake or smudge without ruining the rest of my freshly painted nails. I never knew how much I needed this tool!